Introducing Jesus

Who is Jesus?

Important question!

How can you find out?

Here's another video (also from New York).

Lots of opinions. What is the truth?

Read The Gospels

A great place to start

i.e. the books about Jesus written by His followers.

Watch The Gospels

Many films have been made about Jesus, some of them using the original wording of the Gospels.

The Chosen has been a hugely popular series.

The best way to watch is possible on Netflix of Redeem TV (which is free). The videos are on YouTube but were part of a live feed and contain introductory comments etc.. Click the button on the right to see the YouTube versions.

Quick Introductions

Fuller Explanations

S.M. Lockridge (1970s)
Extended version
  1. Groundwork (audio)

    1. Who Is Jesus Christ?

    2. Jesus: The Lion And The Lamb (Two images used in the book of Revelation)

    3. And He Shall Be Called: How Isaiah Describes The Messiah

    4. Jesus Imagery (Images used of Jesus)

    5. The Jesus We Don't Know (The characteristics of Jesus we tend to negelect)

    6. Jesus' "I Am" Statements

Slow delivery. I suggest you watch this video at 1.5 speed.

Billy Graham preaching

Bono, lead singer of U2