Responding To The Christchurch Massacre of March 15, 2019

How should Christians respond to the Christchurch Mosque massacre? 11 Christian experts on Islam comment. Christianity Today

What Muslims Believe

General overview

Nabeel Qureshi, a convert from Islam to Christianity, teaches at Biola University. beginning with his personal testimony.

Mark Durie seminars

The Theology of the Qu'ran

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Islam and Christianity

Are Allah and God the Same?

Do We Worship The Same God - a short article by Dr Bernie Power (N.B. this link will download a Word document immediately)

A Living God, A Living Word: Christian and Muslim Revelation In Perspective - Christina Hitchcock

Do Muslims And Christians Woship The Same God - Albert Mohler (Crosswalk)

Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam all "Abraham Faiths"?


Watch An Islam Christian Debate (Part 1) - Dr James White, Imam Muhammad Musri specifically asking if the Bible and/or Qu'ran are the word of God (1:26:12). Also Part 2 (2:01:48).

Radical Islam, Violence and Peace

It might be that the Qu'ran does contain instructions for violence but how do Muslims interpret those instuctions now? By highlighting those passages, and ignoring the Islamic understanding, Christians are sometimes accused of scare-mongering.


Nabeel Qureshi - another presentation of his testimony



Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Nabeel Qureshi