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What is Universalism?

Universalism is the belief that everyone will be saved. Some sincere Christians believe it but is it true? Our only way of knowing is by searching the Bible. What we would like to be true is not necessarily true. What God says, is true.

What is Universalism? - Jack Zavada (Learn Religions)

Types of Universalism and Related Beliefs


In its broadest sense, universalism is the belief that ultimately everyone will be saved - everyone: people of all religions, people who have lived evil lives, etc.

Christian Universalism

Christian universalism is the belief that ultimately everyone will be saved but it will be because they have come to faith in Jesus. Salvation is available in Jesus only.


Annihilationism is the belief that those who are not saved do not suffer eternal punishment but are annihilated.


Only those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ will be saved. Those who have not will suffer eternal punishment in hell.

Universalist Teaching

Rob Bell

Countering Rob Bell

David Bentley Hart

Countering David Bentley Hart

Robin Parry

Thomas Talbot


Anti-Universalist Teaching


Sinclair Fergusson

Universalism and the Reality Of Eternal Punishment, 1990 conference

Michael McClymond

Michael McClymond interviewed

This video contains some extraneous bits. To hear just the interview, go here.

The Issues


Hellbound Debate - Unbelievable (audio)



Teachers, authors

  • Rob Bell

Opposing Universalism


  • Piper, John, Does God Desire All To Be Saved?, - free pdf

Think About It

Watch this Tentmaker video. Do you find it convincing?

  1. Is it true that hell is not mentioned in the Old Testament?

    1. Watch the video here.

    2. Read this article.

  2. Few people would think that Jesus is talking literally when He says to gouge out our eyes. But what is He saying? What is His point?