Read The Gospels

What Are The Gospels?

The Gospels are four books in the Bible that tell the story of Jesus' life and teaching. They are the original sources of our information about Jesus. It would be worth reading at least one of these.

How Can I Read Them (or Listen To Them)?

Grab a Bible

  • Make sure you have a modern, understandable translation.

  • Find the index at the front and look for Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. They are actually the first four books of the New Testament i.e. the last third of the Bible.

Read Online

The Bible is online in many places. A well-known site is BibleGateway. Here are the four gospels on BibleGateway

Listen Online

Sites like BibleGateway have an option for listening.

On Your Phone

There are numerous Bible reading/listening apps. To get started, we suggest the YouVersion.

Follow that link and you will also find The Bible App For Kids.

More About These Books

But also to watch the Gospels