Critical Theory

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What on earth is happening in the world? Many of us are confused by the weird and wonderful things going on around us. In some ways, the world seems to have gone mad.

One of the major factors behind it is Critical Theory. Understand this and we will understand much more of the changes in our society.

Is Critical Theory Unbiblical? - (Breakpoint, Coulson Centre)
Critical Theory is Practical - What Would You say?
Race, Injustice and the Gospel of Critical race Theory - Alisa Childers, Monique Duson
The Lies That Serve us - Justin Giboney.

Neil Shenvi

Social Justice, Critical Theory, and Christianity: Are They Compatible (Neil Shenvi)
Is Critical Race Theory Biblical? No. - Mike Winger with Neil Shenvi
The Bible and Social Justice Today: A Critical View - Dr Shawn Marks - Part 1
Part 2


Not Overtly Christian

What You Need To Know About Critical Race Theory - Christopher Rufo (The Rubin Report). N.B. this is quite political and in the context of 2020 USA election.


The Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School - Tom Nicholas

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Identity Politics

Not Overtly Christian

Neo-Marxism, Cultural Marxism