Jesus: Human

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  • Son of Man


Being Like Jesus

It is tempting to think of Jesus as not really like us. He was different to the extent that we cannot really be like Him.

However, the Christian understanding is that Jesus was fully human (as well as being fully divine.)

His humanity is seen in such things as:

  1. His birth

  2. His needs

    1. Hunger and thirst

    2. Companionship and support

    3. Tiredness

    4. His limited knowledge

    5. His dependence on the Holy Spirit

  3. His death

Son Of Man

For more information, see Son of Man - (The Bible Project)

What Did Jesus Look Like?

Nobody knows. We have no description of His appearance which suggests it wasn't important to those who wrote the Bible. For all that, we know He was a Jew.

Often people have an agenda for the way they believe Jesus was. They want Him to be this way or that way. Or their theory is based on speculation. Watch all of the following with some scepticism.