Jesus: Suffering

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  • Persecuted

  • Sorrowful

Being Like Jesus

  • Suffering

  • Persecution

  • Dying to self

Jesus suffered

Jesus' life in this world would be one of suffering, culminating in His death.

He experienced many types of pain: emotional, relational, physical, spiritual. There is no pain that we experience that He has not also experienced.

Suffering foretold

Prophecies from centuries earlier foretold His suffering.

  1. He would be a man of sorrows (or suffering) aquainted with grief (or pain) - Isaiah 53:3

  2. He was described as a suffering servant - Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12

  3. When eight days old, Simeon predicted that Jesus would be "a sign that would be spoken against" - Luke 2:34


  1. Jesus was tempted in all things just as we are (Hebrews ). That must mean that from childhood, and throughout His life, Jesus expereinced temptation but did not succumb.

  2. Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness -

  3. Peter's announcement that Jesus must not go to His death in Jerusalem was a temptation to avoid the Cross.

  4. Jesus wrestled, in great anxiety, in the Garden of Gethsemane. He did not want to die (yet was willing to do His Father's will)

Felt others' pain

Jesus had great compassion. When He saw pain, He felt it.

It is recorded on two occasions that Jesus cried. Both were on behalf of others.

  1. He cried when he saw the pain of Mary and Martha, Lazarus' sisters, after Lazarus' death - John 11:35.

  2. He cried over the hard-heartedness of Jerusalem which rejected Him and therefore their salvation - Matthew 23:37-39; Luke 19:41-44.

Rejection & Misunderstanding

  1. Jesus' family did not believe and thought that He was mad -

  2. The people of His home town (Nazareth) questioned His authority. They had watched Him grow up and knew His family -

  3. Judas betrayed Jesus to the Jewish leaders -

  4. He was falsely accused -

  5. Peter denied knowing Jesus -


  1. The religious leaders saw Him as a threat and opposed Him -

Threats to life

From infancy, Jesus' life was under threat

  1. Herod wanted to kill this infant rival king.

  2. The people of His home town wanted to throw Him off a cliff.

  3. There were numerous plans to kill Him -


  1. Jesus died the most excrutiating death, by crucifixion.

  2. On top of the physical pain, He experienced being forsaken by His Father -

  3. He genuinely died. The Roman spear () was designed to ensure that He was dead.

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