Progressive Christianity

Obviously, some people will disagree that Progressive Christianity is a non-Christian belief. You can decide for yourself. The key question is whether Progressive Christianity rejects foundational aspects of Christianity.

See the section below on How Different Are Conservative and Progressive Christians?

Alisa Childers

Deconstruction, doubt and finding faith again - Alisa Childers, Lisa Gungor

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What is Progressive Christianity? - interview with Alisa Childers (One Minute Apologist)


See Alisa Childers' website.

Sean McDowell

Mike Winger

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Progressive Christians In Their Own Words

My desire is to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, not aberrations of it. I feel no obligation to provide links to material that is inconsistent with Christianity. Those are readily available anyway.

However, in this instance, it seems to me that the resources provided by progressive Christians tend to show how much they differ from the central truths of Christianity. While there might be a vast spectrum of people who claim the title, progressive Christianity includes those why deny the existence of God, reject the divinity of Jesus and reject the scriptures they disagree with. I provide these links with the prayer that they will enable people to be clear about the differences rather than be seduced by them.

Note the intention of this discussion. It is a civil conversation, not a debate. It is designed to provide clarity on the similarities and the differences between Evangelical Christianity and Progressive Christianity.

Listen and think. What do you think are the weaknesses and the strengths of Progressive Christianity as you listen to this explanation of it? What do Evangelicals need to rethink? What do Progressives need to rethink?

How Different Are Conservative And Progressive Christians?

One Faith No Longer by George Yancey & Ashlee Quosigk