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For a much deeper understanding, the bulk of resources about the gospel and about explaining the gospel are on the Disciple-making site.

It is obvous to every human being on the planet that this world is not the way it ought to be. We all dream of a better world and some of us work to improve the world. We know that something is wrong.

If you have read some of the material about God, you know that He is holy. He is perfect. He cannot compromise with wrong. But you also know that He is loving.

If you have read any of the material about us as human beings, you know that we are greatly loved by God but that we have broken our relationship with Him because of our rebellion - our desire to do things our way, not His.

That leaves us alienated from God and trapped in a world of pain.

But that is not the end of the story. We are still greatly loved by God. There is good news. The good news is called "the gospel".

You might have heard of Billy Graham. Billy was the greatest Christian evangelist of the 20th century. Hear him, at the end of his long life, explain the core message of Christianity that motivated him throughout his career. Hear too from people whose lives were transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.

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The Gospel Of The Kingdom (The Bible Project)

Basic Christianity by John Stott

Basic Christianity is a Christian classic and a wonderful presentation of the basics of the Christian gospel. I thoroughly recommend that you read it. The following videos provide a valuable summary but clearly the book contains so much more including all of the Bible references that reveal the points John Stott is making..

The subsequent videos in this "series" do not seem to have appeared yet. If they have by the time you watch this, please let me know.

How To Get Saved - Mike Winger