Overview Of Jesus' Life

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Not Yet Christians

There are various movies on the life of Jesus. Every movie is something of an interpretation. Some aspects might faithfully reflect the biblical teaching; others might not. Always compare what you see with what you read in the scriptures.

This movie, part of the Lumo Project, focuses on the birth of Jesus but includes flash forwards to events in His life.

Uses the somewhat archaic King James English.

N.B. there is another movie of Jesus' life, supposedly presenting the events in chronological order. See the Timeline of Jesus' Life page.

Life of Christ - an interactive website that takes a journey through the life of Christ. Recommended.

Growing Christians

This series of 42 videos, shot in Israel, follows the life of Jesus and particularly the development of His disciple-making ministry.

Visit the places and hear some reflections on what was happening in Jesus' life.

They are designed to accompnay the Knowing Him, 50-day study and so you will get added value from doing the study as well.


Our Daily Bread University

Life of Christ - (7 lessons)