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Following Jesus

Jesus died as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.

Earlier God had provided Israel with a system of sacrifices whereby they could be forgiven. In many instances, it was a spotless lamb that was sacrificed. Calling Jesus "the Lamb of God" was a recognition that He was a similar sacrifice. The difference was that, whereas the Old Testament sacrifices were only temporarily effective and had to be repeated over and over again, Jesus died once and for all for the sins of the world. There is no need for any further sacrifice

The Concept Of Sacrifice In The Bible

Be Berean

We use a lot of The Bible Project videos on this site. They are beautifully made and very useful. But it is also important to be discerning. It has been suggested that the Bible Project teaching ignores the wrath of God against sin.

In this video, for example, the death of Jesus is said to cover the debt humans owe God and to purify or wash away the consequences of sin. But it doesn't talk about the wrath of God. Sin causes injustice and destroys trust but it is not mentioned that it offends the holy God.

What do you think? Is that a valid and important criticism?

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