Women And Church Leadership

This can be a contentious topic, not least because there are biblical passages that, at face value, seem to say that women should not have leadership roles in the church. The challenge is to question whether that face-value reading is consistent with the remainder of the scriptures and, if the question is more nuanced, how we are then to understand, and be faithful to, those passages, as well as all the others.

It is a question of seeking to genuinely hear what God says.

Complementarianism: Believing Men And Women Have Different Roles

Mike Winger embarked on a serious study of the issue, resulting in an 11-video series. In the long run, he settles on a complementarian position. That means he believes men and women have complementary, but not equivalent, roles.

Supporting Women In All Aspects Of Church Leadership

Future Church (Roman Catholic)


Women In Church History

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