About This Site

My desire is to know Jesus. I know that might be difficult. There is always more to Him than we understand.

Please see this as an opportunity to learn. Check out the Bible references. See what you can learn.

If you think I have got something wrong, I'd love to hear from you.

Why describe Jesus?

There are many reasons

  1. It is incredibly important that we do know Him.

  2. It is important we have a biblical understanding of Him. We can sometime hope that He is the way we want Him to be rather than the person He really is.

  3. We are called to be Christ-like. A description of Jesus can become a curriculum for our own growth or for churches seeking to make disciples.

  4. Jesus is the perfect revelation of God the Father. If we know Jesus, we know what God is like.

  5. Describe Jesus and you have also described what the church is to be like. The church is the body of Christ and therefore ought to be like Christ.

  6. Describe Jesus and you have also described the Kingdom of God. The nature of the Kingdom reflects the King.

How to use this site

  • The site is based on a list of words describing Jesus.

  • This is very much a work in progress.

  • Over time, I will link each word to a page listing biblical examples.

  • Some words will be very similar in their meaning. They will therefore link to the same page where the synonyms will be listed. They will also be clustered on the categories page.

  • The various attributes fall into categories (e.g. Jesus' spiritual life, His teaching skills etc). There is another page that attempts to cluster them. There might be more than one way to categorise them. You might want to suggest a different arrangement and that might provide further insights.

  • Please use it as a study aid or a checklist for your own discipleship or your discipling of someone else. You could easily build a Bible study around the passages relevant to some aspect of Christ (and, therefore, Christ-likeness).

Finding What You Want

The site is built around those lists of words but there are other ways to find what you want. They are all available from the menu above but here are some buttons to help.

  1. Use the lists of words that describe Jesus (Master list and Categories).

  2. Each page should list some related pages. Just keep pursuing what interests you.

  3. The Bible is the source of our knowledge of all of these things. You can focus on studying the Bible.

  4. The Curriculum menu lists pages designed for people at different stages in their faith.

    1. Not-yet Christians - people who are exploring and enquiring.

    2. New Christians - people who have decided to follow Jesus but have not grown much beyond that.

    3. Growing Christians - people who want to deepen their faith and their understanding.

    4. Serving Christians - people who want to contribute i.e. not just receive but give.

    5. Multiplying Christians - disciples make disciples. Mature Christians reproduce themselves in another generation of Christians.

    6. Leading Christians - 95% of leadership is discipleship but there are specific leadership skills.

  5. The Resources menu leads to some of the main topics.

  6. Use the Search function (the magnifying glass in the top right corner) and type in the topic you are looking for.

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Real Growth - Transformation Not Information

To learn more about how the information on this site can become life transformation, see the Real Growth page.