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  1. Groundwork (audio)

    1. The Christmas Thread (4-part series)

    2. Facts And The First Christmas (2-part series)

    3. Advent Waiting (4-part series)

    4. Advent - Christmas (2-part series)

    5. Songs And Stories of Luke 1 and 2 (5-part series)

    6. The Cast Of Christmas - (5-part series)

Christmas Special: The One Where We Ruin The Nativity. Much of what we visualise is based on tradition, Christmas carols and so on. This talk looks at what actually happened.

Celebrating Jesus' Birth

  • Journey To Christmas - a daily devotional with a reading, carol, activity etc for each day from December 1 to 25th.

Is Christmas A Pagan Celebration?

Mama Bear Apologetics answering questions about Christmas starting with the suggestion that Christmas is pagan.

Youtube version

Digging Deeper

When Was Jesus Born?