Jesus' Mission

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  • Focused

  • Single-minded

  • Purposeful

Following Jesus

  • Evangelism

  • Disciple-making

  • Focus

What Was Jesus' Mission?

This page focuses on Jesus' primary mission - the purpose He came to the earth. What He did while here to accomplish that mission is explored via the What Jesus Did page.

  • The Reasons For Christ's Coming - list of scriptures, Peter Cheyne (Followers)

    • Understanding the biblical teaching on Jesus' purpose/mission helps answer other questions:

      • In what ways does Jesus' mission define our mission?

      • What is the gospel?

      • What was the focus of Jesus' life?

How Jesus Exercised His Mission

a) Jesus' Ministry In General

b) Saviour. He died for the sins of the world and rose again

  • Died

  • Lamb of God

  • Suffer (sorrow, cried, persecuted)

c) Disciple-maker

Jesus' relationsip with the crowds (those yet to put their faith in Him.)

Jesus' relationship with the few (those He was training)

  • Miracle-worker

  • Teacher

  • Preacher

  • Evangelist

    • Called people to follow Him

  • Itinerant (Travelled, journeyed, walked)

  • Shared meals

  • Compassion for the marginalised and needy

  • Met people's needs in the power of God

  • Taught about the Kingdom

  • Attractive (popular, loved)

  • Rabbi

  • Shepherd

  • Life-on-life

  • Taught by example

  • Instructed

  • Delegated power and authority

  • Delegated ministry

  • Demanding

  • Asked probing questions

Focused and Purposeful

Jesus' clarity about His mission

  • "I have come to..." statements

    • Focus on Jews, not Gentiles

Would not be distracted, deflected

    • Set His face towards Jerusalem, Luke 9:52