Fr Richard Rohr

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest who is very popular even amongst Christians and yet his teaching is anything but Christian.

The problem areas include:

Richard Rohr's Teaching In His Own Words

In this series of lectures, Richard Rohr lays out his ideas. Below there is an explanation of why these views are not Christian. You should watch with discernment. Ask yourself, "Is this true? Is this biblical?" Do not be deceived by his apparent scholarship and his winsome smile. Look at what others have said and weigh it up.



In Others' Words

This series is sympathetic to Rohr but it does lay out his beliefs and asks of they are heretical.

Critiques Of Richard Rohr's Teaching


From a Roman Catholic Perspective

Specific Issues

The Nature Of Jesus Christ - The Cosmic Christ versus Jesus of Nazareth

The Bible

The Atonement

The Gospel

Richard Rohr's Books

The Universal Christ

The Opiate Of The Theologians - Dr Michael McClymond (First Things)

The Divine Dance: The Trinity And Your Transformation

Breathing Underwater