Real Growth

Transformation, Not Information.

Gaining lots of knowledge is an aspect of growth but it is by no means the fullness of growth. Christians desire transformation, not information. Transformation means change - change in lifestyle, thinking, character, etc.

This is apparent in Matthew's version of the Great Commission. Jesus commanded the disciples to make disciples teaching them to obey all that He had commanded (Matt 28:19-20). We must note that Jesus did not command the disciples to teach the next generation all that Jesus had commanded but to teach them to obey everything that He had commanded. Teaching Jesus' commands could be achieved in, maybe, an hour. Teaching obedience takes a lifetime. Obedience requires life transformation.

The goal of Christian growth is to become like Jesus.

This site has a lot of information so how is it useful for transformation?

Information is a vital piece in the transformation puzzle but information has to become action - habitual action. How can that happen?

Behaviour change is a huge topic. For the moment, we will focus on trial and reflection - a cycle of giving it a go, learning from it and giving it another go.

We recommend Gaining Wisdom, an adaption of David Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle. In brief, this method is a cycle of experience, identifying the facts, seeing what lessons can be learnt, planning for the future, and further experience. (Note that pages 9 and 10 provide a 2-page summary.)

This website is not experience-based. It is information-based. That is a weakness but you can turn it into a strength.

  1. See the material read or viewed as the experience

  2. Ask "What does it say?" Be very clear that you understand what was said.

  3. Ask "What does it mean? What are the lessons to be learnt? What is God saying to me through this?"

  4. Ask "What will I do differently as a result? What does God want me to do?"

When the information has prompted action, transformation is taking place.

If you are a mentor or a disciple-maker

Maybe you want to use this site in the context of helping someone else grow in faith. The articles, video clips etc. can be the raw material for your mentoring. All you have to do is lead the other person through the experiential learning cycle. Your disciple might not have the inclination or the skills to reflect but you can facilitate that. Read Gaining Wisdom.

There will also be many more resources for you as a disciple-maker. Jesus was, after all, a disciple-maker.

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