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Making Your Small Group Work

N.B. these are resources to be used with a DVD course. They are incomplete by themselves.

  1. Making Your Small Group Work

  2. 5 Habits Of Life-changing Groups

  3. Confrontation

  4. Broken Ground Rules

Life Church produces resources for training their own small group leaders but they are available free, worldwide.

There are study resources available here. And various study and training resources here. See, in particular, the tips for leaders.

This video presents the Alpha philosophy for small groups where most of the memebrs are not Christians but many of the principles are applicable to other small groups.

This is worth watching.

My only question is whether home base is really community. Is it not Christ-likeness?

Just for fun, in case you want a shallow small group

Small Group Dynamics course - Dr Ron Pyle (Biblical Training)

Equipped: Small Group Leadsership Training - North Ridge Church

Free Small Group Leader Training Videos - 4 videos (Serve HQ)

Various videos on aspects fo small group leadership - (Right Now Media, subscription required)

The 3-Thirds Process - developed by Yang Kai and used to focus discipleship training on application - Peter Cheyne.

Small Group Assessment

  • A free, online assessment for leaders of groups with one or more of the following objectives: outreach, assimilation, leadership multiplication. (Jim Egli)



  • Group Dynamics - Deb McCormick (Our Daily Bread) - 10 lessons, average length 9 minutes

Multiplying Christians

Training Small Group Leaders