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Jesus' Teaching Methods

Rabbi Jesus

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Jesus and Learning Styles

From a Seventh Day Adventist Perspective

But Not Just A Good Teacher

Think About It

Learning From Jesus Jesus?

Compile a list of Jesus' teaching methods and the Bible passages that reveal those methods.

A Starting Point (Click the arrowhead to the right)

Consider the following suggestions. List the Bible passages that illustrate these methods.

Jesus taught by His actions:

  • Example, modelling

  • This study on Jesus' teaching methods primarily draws on Jesus' example rather than what He taught about teaching.

Jesus taught by His words

  • Parables, stories

  • sermons, discourses

  • direct instructions

  • Illustrations from everyday life

  • Asking questions

  • Answering questions

    • Although sometimes did not answer a questions but replied with another question or changed direction

  • Use of figures of speech

  • Reading and explaining scripture

  • Quoting scripture

    • Asking "What do the scriptures say?" e.g. Luke 10:25-26, Matthew 12:3, 5; 19:4ff; 21:16; 21:42; 22:29

Why did Jesus teach?

Whom did Jesus teach?

What did Jesus teach? (Summarise it yourself as much as you can, then see Jesus' teaching)

In what ways did Jesus engage people with different learning styles?

Jesus' Teaching Challenged

This video lists teachings of Jesus that "cannot be accepted" and He was therefore not a good teacher.

You should be able to counter all of these suggestions. It is a good opportunity to think about how we understand Jesus' teachings.

Some of Jesus' teachings are difficult but that does not mean that that they can be dismissed so easily. Some thought is required but thought is sufficient to answer all of these objections.