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The Need For Revival

Revivals In History

But Is It God?

Revivals tend to be controversial. Some people love them; others are sceptical and can be very negative. People responded to Jesus in opposite ways as well. It is possible to reject what God is doing - and sometimes God does not do what we think He should.

But Satan can also infiltrate a revival or mimic and distort what God is doing. It is possible to be attracted to things that are not of God.

People are a mixture of good and bad. Sometimes those who have been genuinely used by God become proud or greedy or whatever.

We want to be open to what God is doing. The Bible says to not quench the Holy Spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:19) and some people are far too negative. They might even be able to quote many scriptures supporting their reasons. On the other hand, we do not want to engage in things that are not of God. It requires discernment and we need to be sure that we are really seeking God, not simply protecting our own views or comfort.

This movie about the Lakeland Revival (Todd Bentley) shows the good and the bad.

What conclusion do you come to? Was this revival genuine? Why do you say that?

What lessons do you think God wants to teach you through this?

Remember that this is only one perspective. There might be another side to the story.