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What Is Management?

How is management different from leadership?

This is debated. Clearly, it depends on the definition you have adopted. There might not be a sharp distinction but some overlap. Some say there is no difference but most people see them as different functions. Some people will be good at one and other people good at the other.

Some descriptions are quite disparaging of managers, for example, saying that they depend on their position for their authority and get things done by inspiring fear. That seems quite unreasonable when good managers build good relationships as the basis of their work.

Arguing that there is no distinction

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A Manager's Functions

What Do Managers Actually Do?

A common description of a manager's functions:

Of course, there are many variations on that. Look at the various outlines below and come to your own conclusion about what managers do.

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Henry Mintzberg categorised 10 functions under three headings as follows

How To Be A Good Manager

Peter Drucker